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Making the holidays Magicalalt

 For Homebound Seniors


Adopt a Senior Requests

Our Adopt a Senior program offers the opportunity for groups or individuals to make a life changing impact for an older adult in need this holiday season. Many older adults receiving Meals on Wheels are in need of basic items to remain living independently and many eagerly wait for the holiday season, hoping someone will become inspired to help them. Case Managers assisting our Meals on Wheels clients have identified the following needs. Donate as much or little as you can. Multiple donations from different parties can satisfy a need. Once enough is donated to purchase an item, the item will be purchased and delivered to the needy client. If donations are short to purchase a particular item in time for the holidays, it may be combined with other donations to satisfy a different need.



Sueng: New Refridgerator   Estimated price: 600.00

Sueng is a bedbound client receiving Meals on Wheels. His Parkinson's disease has affected his ability to walk and stand. Suing has an old fridge that is over 25 years and he has to put a lock in order to keep the door closed. A new fridge will assist him to keep his Meals on Wheels fresh.


alt alt ADOPTED! Dolores: Wheelchair and air mattress

Estimated price: 100.00 Wheelchair

Estimated price: 50.00 Air Mattress

Dolores is completely bedbound and suffers from severe pain due to arthritis along with a myriad of other health issues. Dolores is currently working with a physical therapist in order to assist her with making small movements and for a time was renting a wheelchair in order to be able to leave the confounds of her room. Dolores would greatly benefit from receiving a wheelchair in order to leave her bed and spend time in different areas of her home and with her family and for them to be able to take her out into the world as well. Being that Dolores spends the majority of her life in a bed, she would also greatly benefit from an air mattress to help prevent bedsores. She had previously applied for an air mattress through her insurance but was denied. Dolores is a joyful person and is thankful for currently receiving our home delivered meals and would be ecstatic if she were able to live in her bed more comfortably and at times have the option to leave her bedroom and home in order to feel more connected to the world around her.


Joann: Loveseat   Estimated price: 350.00



Joann suffers from severe depression since her daughter passed away two years ago. She also suffers from back pain and arthritis. Joann has a couch which is very old and she uses tape to keep it together. Providing a small sofa will assist her with back pain and give her a chance to sit comfortably and enjoy her Meals on Wheels, read and look at her memory album.



ADOPTED! Mary: Vacuum Cleaner   Estimated price: 55.00

Mary has multiple health conditions including asthma. She does not have a proper vacuum cleaner to vacuum and eliminate dust. Her physician recommends her to keep her apartment dust free in order to control her asthma attacks. Providing a vacuum cleaner can improve her health tremendously.

Elizabeth: Reclining Chair   Estimated price: 450.00


Elizabeth suffers from severe back pain and numbness in her feet which has caused her to fall several times. Her physician recommends her to elevate her legs as much as she can for better circulation. Providing a recliner chair assists her to reduce her back pain and better circulation in her legs.


Lydia: Bookshelf   Estimated price: 79.00

Lydia is a widow renting a small room and receiving Meals on Wheels. She keeps her books, folders, pictures in a box on the floor, making it difficult to retrieve her back problem. A stable bookshelf can assist her to keep everything organized and prevent further back pain.


Deborah: Walks to Church to do her laundry: Needs Washer and Dryer
Estimated price: 800.00


Deborah is a 60 year old female who lives alone, has multiple health issues and has no income whatsoever. She heavily  relies on our home delivered meals in order to survive as well as the minimal and unreliable assistance from her ex-husband and children. Deborah is in need of a new washer and dryer. The dryer is not working and the washing machine has jagged edges that rip her clothing. The washer also has mold which makes it unsafe and unusable. Deborah has no means of transportation and is currently walking to the local church in order to do her laundry which is difficult for her to do because of numbness and swelling in her hands and feet due to an illness. Deborah would greatly benefit from being able to do her laundry safely and within her own home.



FRANK: Electric Wheelchair   Estimated price: 1650.00

At the relatively young age of 66, Frank suffers from many serious health problems including kidney failure, requiring him to be on dialysis 3X/week. He became wheelchair bound after a surgery left his legs paralyzed 18 months ago. Using his manual wheelchair has become increasingly difficult due to weakness. He has attempted to get an electric wheelchair from his medical insurance but has been denied. He has lived alone since his wife left him following the paralysis of his legs.


ODETTE: Refridgerator   Estimated price: 600.00

Odette is in desperate need of a refrigerator. She currently keeps her medications in an ice chest. Whenever the ice melts, her medications are damaged.


ADOPTED! DOROTHY: New Bed   Estimated price: 150.00

Dorothy has been sleeping in a chair and is in desperate need of a bed to sleep in.

HUNH: New 24 Cubic IN. Refridgerator   Estimated price: 600.00


Her friend donated a small dorm-sized fridge to her; however, she does not have enough space to store her Hanh had a stroke 9 months ago leaving her paralyzed on her right side and wheelchair bound. Prior to her stroke, Hanh was a caregiver to her son for 8 years after he was hit by a drunk driver on his 18th birthday leaving him paralyzed. He passed away 2 years ago, leaving her without family. Her refrigerator recently broke frozen meals.


CHERYL: Needs household items after being home

Cheryl was homeless for several years before a social worker got her this apartment about nine months ago. She has nearly nothing in her apartment. She expressed a desire to have a dresser, couch, and microwave oven.

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ADOPTED! LOUISE: Needs a Space Heater   Estimated price: 65.00

She has no heating where she lives.


DELORES: Needs a sofabed for Caregiver to sleep on

Estimated price: 550.00


ADOPTED! Cynthia needs food on the weekends           Cost:  $80/month    

Cynthia attends one of SeniorServ’s daycare facilities.  She does not qualify for our federally funded programs. She enjoys receiving hot meals while attending the center Monday-Friday, but goes home to an empty refrigerator on the weekends.  The 2011 Holiday Gift Program provided a year’s funding to provide for her weekend meals, and she gained two pounds! Please help make sure Cynthia is not hungry in 2013.


Pets: Their Furry Friends Bring Them Comfort and Joy!



Lydia's dog needs surgery   Estimated price: 700.00


Lydia’s beloved canine companion, Scooter, is in need of surgery to remove an operable tumor on his neck.  Can you help?




ADOPTED! Shirley


Estimated price: Training Pads 25.00
Estimated price: IAMS 35.00
Estimated price: Dog jacket (small) 10.00
Estimated price: Dog bed 35.00

Disposable pads for paper training puppies
IAMS Mature Adult dog food 7-10 years
Warm dog jacket (small) female, all the way to the tail
Dog bed with high sides

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Donation Information

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Amount $600 Sueng: New Refrigerator
$350 Joann: Love Seat
$450 Elizabeth: Reclining Chair
$79 Lydia: Bookshelf
$800 Deborah: Needs Washer and Dryer
$1,650 Frank: Electric Wheelchair
$600 Odette: Refrigerator
$600 Hunh: New 24 cubic inch Refrigerator
$550 Delores: Sofa Bed for caregiver
$700 Lydia: Dog needs surgery
Other Amount $
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