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Outcomes and Measurements

SeniorServ is the largest nonprofit senior nutrition program in Orange County and one of the largest in the state. SeniorServ has completed an extensive outcomes studies on the impact of its senior nutrition programs. The Meals on Wheels and Senior Lunch programs provide older adults with nutritious meals. The programs are funded in part through the Older Americans Act (Title III grants).


The SeniorServ study included 1,279 frail, homebound senior citizens who received Home Delivered Meals and Case Management services. The research was independently designed, monitored and analyzed by DoctorS Nonprofit Consulting in Fullerton, California, under the direction of Drs. Dallas Stout and Debbie Stout. The study revealed the following statistically significant findings about new program participants:

  • Receive 141% more referrals to supportive services
  • Gained an average of 2 pounds
  • Demonstrated a sustained 20% increase in sense of well-being
  • Had 34% reduction in new clients hospitalized and 62% length of stay reduction

Ninety percent of program survey participants were low income, very low income or below poverty level. Further, eighty percent of participants were age 70 or older, more than sixty percent were women, and one-third of participants were ethnic minorities.


SeniorServ provides hot, nutritious lunches to older adults at 26 senior centers in Orange County. Approximately 1,400 participants take advantage of the program every weekday. The SeniorServ study included 1,200 senior citizens who participate in the lunch program and other activities at their local senior center. The research was independently designed, monitored and analyzed by DoctorS Nonprofit Consulting.  Survey results revealed the following:

  • 68% of seniors reported the lunches have improved their quality of life
  • 59% said their physical health has improved because of the program
  • 81% reported they would be at home if they didn’t come to the lunch program
  • 95% have more friends as a result of the program, including 48% who have significantly more friends
  • 52% feel more connected to their community and city since attending the program

The data for this study was self-reported by the seniors.  Sixty five percent were female, 68% percent were over the age of 70 and more than a third were ethnic minorities.

Given 33% of those surveyed reported eating just one well balanced meal a day at home, the senior lunch program clearly improves nutritional intake. Further, the program also overwhelmingly meets its goal of providing socialization for participants, given that 81% indicated they would be at home if they had not come to the program.  Respondents who reported they were happy most days showed significantly higher levels of physical health, number of friends and quality of life.   The more they attended the lunch program, the more they reported being happy.


For more information about SeniorServ or survey results, contact

Darla Olson, Vice President, Advancement
(714) 229-3362

For information about Doctors Nonprofit Consulting, contact

Dr. Dallas Stout or Dr. Debra Stout