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Incircle village network

What is a village?

A Village is a unique membership-based support network for older adults within their local communities.

The Village is not a housing development or a senior residence.  Rather, is a social group that provides older adults with access to a wide variety of desirable benefits.


Typical village benefits

Core Services– Transportation (volunteer & paid), grocery shopping, social activities, information and referral services

Concierge Services– Member services coordinator who identifies providers to meet individual member needs, e.g., home repair, cleaning, gardening

Community Connections– Volunteerism, social connections, faith-based connections, recreation leisure activities, and friendly visitors

Health & Wellness– Partnerships with hospitals, medical providers, house call services, in-home care services, medical advocacy, support groups, healthy promotion and  wellness classes

For more information on current village developments or if are you interested in starting a village in your community contact:

Shannon Buhrmaster

(714) 229-3375